Hawthornes Catalogue

Hawthornes Catalogue

Integrifolia Group HANAJIMA51 viewsSuperb, very rare form of soft pink herbaceous clematis, raised in Japan.

Really good pink flowers, slightly twisted.

Only grows to about 2 ft 6 inches tall, perfect for a small obelisk in the mixed herbaceous border,

Flowers July to September, followed by lovely seedheads,

Prune down to the floor in February.

Plants supplied ready to plant out in 2 litre deep pot.

HAPPY DIANA64 viewsVery rare Texensis Group cultivar which was raised in Japan, flowers larger and sturdier than clematis Princess Diana,

Flowering June to September, height 8 ft to 10 ft,

Hard prune in February, group 3.
2 year old plant in 2 litre deep pot, ready to plant now.

Part of our National Collection of Clematis Texensis Group

READY NOW, in 2 litre deep pots


SUMMER SNOW486 viewsClematis Summer Snow, also known as Paul Farges
Vitalba Group
Masses of snow white flowers on good green foliage, July to September, height 15 ft to 20 ft
Prune Group 3, cut hard back in February.
Ideal for scrambling over tree stumps, sheds etc.
Not for the faint hearted.
Ready to plant in 2 litre deep pots,

Viticella Group MARY HABBERLEY122 viewsRegistered by us November 2012

Found growing in the Shropshire garden of Mary Habberley, I heard about it and tracked it down, it is now part of the National Collection here.

Double viticellas are very rare, this is a super addition.

Typical viticella, flowers July to September, 8 ft to 10 ft., hard prune in February.

2 year old plant in 2 litre deep pot, ready to plant now
Clematis INTEGRIFOLIA86 viewsNodding blue bells on this superb herbaceous species,
Height to about 4 ft. non-climbing, so needs support.
Flowers June to September followed by lovely seedheads

2 year old plants in 2 litre deep pots, ready to plant now.

JENNY596 viewsMasses of violet blue flowers with paler bar,

Late Large Flowering Group,

Flowers July to September

Height 8 ft to 10 ft

JOSIE'S MIDNIGHT BLUE386 viewsMasses of dark violet blue bells on this herbaceous clematis,
Height about 1.5 metres, flowering June to September,
Hard prune in February.
2 year old plant, in 2 litre deep pot, ready to plant.

clematis KIRILOVII79 viewsUnusual, scented, species from China,
Only grows to 5 ft or 6 ft,
Flowers June to September,

Seen here on a pergola pillar in our garden.

READY NOW, in 2 litre deep pot,

Integrifolia group LILAC WINE101 viewsNew herbaceous perennial clematis Registered by us here at Hawthornes in respect of song Lilac Wine by Elkie Brooks.
Super lilac flowers, July to September, height to about 5 ft.,
Hard prune in February, Group 3

Viorna Group LIVIANA81 viewsAnother new cultivar from the Viorna Group of clematis, this one is a deep pinky red bell, and lots of them, from June to September, followed by lovely seed clusters.
Height 6 ft to 8 ft.,
Prune hard in February.
2 year old plant in 2 litre deep pot, ready to plant

LORD HERSCHELL579 viewsVelvety-red purple, tulip shaped flowers

Height about 3 ft, herbaceous, needs support.

integrifolia x texensis

Flowers June to September

Any aspect

Hard prune February


Texensis Group MAXIMA ( Wellmax )97 viewsWe are very proud to be able to offer this extremely rare clematis,
Bred from the world famous clematis, Princess Diana, Maxima has larger, sturdier, flowers.
Big, deep pink, trumpets 6 to 7 cms,
Flowers continuously for 3 months in Summer, July to September.
Height about 8ft ,
Prune Group 3, reliably hardy.
Flowers are good for cutting and will last for 10 days in a vase of water.
2 years old in 2 litre deep pot with big root system, ready to plant


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