Hawthornes Catalogue

Hawthornes Catalogue

Integrifolia Group PANTHER97 viewsNew herbaceous clematis with very velvety purple dark flowers from June to September.
Height 4 ft to 5 ft
Hard prune in February
Ready to plant in 2 litre pot

Integrifolia PASTEL PINK162 viewsA new cultivar, herbaceous clematis growing to 3 ft tall with PASTEL PINK bell shaped flowers followed by lovely seedheads.

Flowering from June to September and reliably hardy.

Prune hard in February, can be propagated by division after a couple of years.

2 year old plants in 2 litre deep pots ready to plant now.

PEVERIL PRISTINE634 viewsPure white viticella from breeder Barry Fretwell

Superb clear white summer clematis

Flowers June to September

Height 10 ft to 12 ft



Texensis Group PEVERIL PROFUSION201 viewsFlared pinky red trumpets, lots of them, on this Summer flowering, texensis hybrid, climber to about 8 ft. Prune hard in February.
Bred by Barry Fretwell in Devon, propagation without licence prohibited.
2 year old plant, in 2 litre deep pot with excellent root system, ready to plant in either a large pot or in the ground.

£ 15

Montana Group PINK PERFECTION136 viewsThis was clematis montana PINK PERFECTION in the far corner of our garden about 10 years ago, sadly the old tree that it was growing through died and had to be removed.
I have plants of PINK PERFECTION ready now.
Strongly scented, some say vanilla, and flowering May/June, but be warned, this cultivar can climb or scramble to 10 metres.
Plants ready in 2 litre deep pots with big roots.

£ 12
x jouiniana praecox160 viewsLarge clusters of small pale blue flowers over coarse green foliage on this hardy herbaceous perennial clematis. Can grow to 7 ft or 8 ft or is excellent as ground cover.
Flowering July to October or November and Group 3 pruning ( hard prune Spring )
2 year old plants with big root system in 2 litre deep pots, ready to plant now.

Viorna Group PRINCESS RED88 viewsDeep red, bell-shaped, flowers, some say scented, on this hardy perennial climber growing 6 ft to 7 ft.

Flowers June to September, superb for growing through a shrub or in a large pot with trellis or obelisk.

Hard prune in February ( Group 3 pruning )

2 year old plant in big pot, ready to plant now.

Late Large Flowered Group PRINCE CHARLES121 viewsMasses of medium sized pale blue flowers from July to September,
Height about 7ft to 10 ft
Any aspect
Hard prune every February ( Group 3 pruning )

I am selling a 2 year old plant in 2 litre deep pot with big root system, ready to plant.
Picture shows the parent plant here in Summer.

£ 15
Texensis Group RADIANCE151 viewsVery rare texensis cultivar with blue and white, semi-nodding, trumpets, flowering July to September on an 8 ft to 10 ft plant, Group 3 pruning.
2 year old plant in 2 litre deep pot, big root system,ready to plant now.

£ 15
Clematis texensis RED FIVE366 viewsAt last, available in UK.

Very rare texensis clematis raised by the legendary Barry Fretwell and named after the Formula 1 racing car driven by Nigel Mansell.
Summer flowering, hard prune in February.
2 year old plant in 2 litre deep pot with excellent root system ready to plant now.

£ 20
ROKO KOLLA1 viewsRaised by Kivistiks in Estonia, this Late Large Flowered Group cultivar has large white flowers with a hint of yellow and flowers from July to October, and is Group 3 pruning.
Height 5 ft to 6 ft
Selling 2 year old plants in 2 litre deep pots with big root system, ready to plant now.

£ 16
ROSAMUNDE2 viewsRaised by Willem Straver in Germany, ROSAMUNDE has medium sized, to 12 cms., pale pink flowers with a darker pink bar.
Height about 5 ft to 6 ft.
Flowering period July to September in UK.
Selling a 2 year old plant in large pot with big root system, ready to plant now.
Group 3 pruning, chop hard back in Spring.

£ 18.
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