Hawthornes Catalogue

Hawthornes Catalogue

Viorna Group SOPHIE114 viewsClematis SOPHIE is a super Viorna Group cultivar, raised in Japan. Very rare

She has small purple-blue urn shaped bell flowers with yellow anthers.

Only grows to about 3 ft in height, so ideal for a pot.

Very long flowering period, May to September-ish, Prune Group 3.

2 year old plant, in 2 litre deep pot, ready to plant now.

Viorna Group STRAWBERRY SPLASH114 viewsFirst time offered, this new Viorna Group cultivar has just been Registered by us here at Hawthornes Nursery.
A climber to about 2 metres, flowering July to September, followed by lovely seed clusters typical of the Viorna group.
Hard prune February ( Group 3 )
Plant for sale is in 2 litre deep pot, good root system, ready to plant now.

Viorna Group SUE READE123 views New clematis raised and Registered by us here at The Hawthornes, named for Sue Reade who is Northern Group Organiser for British Clematis Society. Sue has worked tirelessly for many years for BCS and this is a small thank you.
The flowers are lavender lilac with plummy purple interior, upturned tepals are rather cute. It flowers from June to September and reaches a height of about 8 ft. Hard prune in February
2 year old plant in 2 litre deep pot, ready to plant

£ 15

SUNDANCE111 viewsPrimrose flowers, about 2 inches across, later turn to a pale cream colour on this upright shrubby clematis, foliage looks almost like bamboo when young.
Glorious seedheads later.
Height 6 ft to 8 ft, Summer flowering, non climbing so needs support or tying in to trellis or obelisk. Looks best against a dark background.
Clematis ispahanica crossed with a tangutica.
2 year old plant in 2 litre deep pot, ready to plant now

£ 15
cylindrica SWEDISH BELLS58 viewsPale blue bells with paler margins on this superb herbaceous perennial clematis,
Height 4 ft to 5 ft., and Flowering July to September, looks stunning in the mixed herbaceous border through a small obelisk.
We are selling a 2 year old plant in 2 litre deep pot with big roots, ready to plant now.

£ 12.
TAMAKAZURA447 viewsSuperb Viorna Group cultivar

Lots and lots of pinky red bells,

Flowers July to September

Hard prune in February

In stock in 2 litre deep pots, ready to plant now,

Late Large Flowered Group TENTEL238 viewsLovely pinky flowers with creamier interior and crinkly edges,
Flowers July to September,
Height 7 ft to 10 ft.

2 year old plants in 2 litre deep pots, ready to plant now

Clematis TEXENSIS288 viewsA particularly good form of clematis texensis, flowering June to October, flower size 1.5 inches, dark red with creamy white interior.
Climbs to 8ft to 10 ft, is hardy, and is not subject to mildew, which is unusual for texensis. Seed heads silver then mature golden.
2 year old plant in 2 litre deep pot, ready to plant.

Ready now

TRANQUILITY426 viewsSmall, scented, mauve-pink flowers

on this vigorous clematis.

Related to the x triternata rubro-marginata which is

world renowned for its scent.
This plant can reach 15 to 20 ft in height.
Flowers July to September / October.
Prune hard in Spring.

Viorna Group TUTTI FRUTTI64 viewsNew Viorna Group cultivar which I bred a few years ago and recently Registered.
Small tubular purple bell flowers with white tips on this climber to about 6 ft.
Flowers all summer then silky persistent seedheads.
Looks good through yellow or pink roses.
Selling a 2 year old plant in 2 litre deep pot, ready to plant now.

£ 20
VANESSA710 viewsLate Large Flowered Group

Flowers July to September

Height 10 ft to 12 ft

Prune Group 3


2 litre deep pots


clematis crispa ANGEL91 viewsSuperb form of the clematis crispa, this very rare pale blue form was bred in Japan.
Grows to about 6 ft to 8ft.
Flowers July to September, followed by lovely seed heads
Hard prune in February.
2 year old plant in 2 litre deep pot, ready to plant

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