Hawthornes Catalogue

Hawthornes Catalogue

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Texensis Group RADIANCE37 viewsVery rare texensis cultivar with blue and white, semi-nodding, trumpets, flowering July to September on an 8 ft to 10 ft plant, Group 3 pruning.
2 year old plant in 2 litre deep pot, big root system,ready to plant now.

Integrifolia Group MIRANDA ( Floclemi )36 viewsDarker than sister Arabella, another stunning Barry Fretwell introduction,
Herbaceous, non-climbing, height 4 ft to 6 ft
Flowering June to September
Prune Group 3

2 year old plants in 2 litre deep pots, ready to plant now.

Integrifolia Group SAPHYRA INDIGO36 viewsStunning herbaceous perennial clematis, height 4 ft to 5 ft.,
Flowering June to September.
Prune hard in February, Group 3.
Propagation without licence prohibited.


x jouiniana praecox35 viewsLarge clusters of small pale blue flowers over coarse green foliage on this hardy herbaceous perennial clematis. Can grow to 7 ft or 8 ft or is excellent as ground cover.
Flowering July to October or November and Group 3 pruning ( hard prune Spring )
2 year old plants with big root system in 2 litre deep pots, ready to plant now.

Integrifolia Group PANTHER9 viewsNew herbaceous clematis with very velvety purple dark flowers from June to September.
Height 4 ft to 5 ft
Hard prune in February
Ready to plant in 2 litre deep pots

WHITE PRINCE CHARLES9 viewsThis rare sport from the very popular pale blue clematis Prince Charles originates from Japan.

A climber to about 8 ft., flowering July to September with lots of medium sized flowers which show a hint of lilac, which can be seen more on the reverse of the flower

Ready now in 2 litre deep pots,

HAPPY DIANA7 viewsVery rare Texensis Group cultivar which was raised in Japan, flowers larger and sturdier than clematis Princess Diana,

Flowering June to September, height 8 ft to 10 ft,

Hard prune in February, group 3.
2 year old plant in 2 litre deep pot, ready to plant now.

Part of our National Collection of Clematis Texensis Group

READY NOW, in 2 litre deep pots

£ 25

Clematis Integrifolia Group PAMIAT SERDTSA7 viewsClematis Pamiat Serdtsa is a non-climbing herbaceous perennial from Ukraine,

Growing to about 5 ft. it is ideal for a pergola pillar or through an obelisk in the mixed herbaceous border, superb colour.

Flowering July to September, very hardy,

Prune down to the floor in February ( Group 3 pruning ).


Integrifolia Group HANAJIMA6 viewsSuperb, very rare form of soft pink herbaceous clematis, raised in Japan.

Really good pink flowers, slightly twisted.

Only grows to about 2 ft 6 inches tall, perfect for a small obelisk in the mixed herbaceous border,

Flowers July to September, followed by lovely seedheads,

Prune down to the floor in February.

Plants supplied ready to plant out in 2 litre deep pot.

AKANE NO TSUBO5 viewsVery rare Viorna Group cultivar, raised in Japan.
Masses of shiny, nodding, red bells over a long period, May to August,

Height 8 ft to 10 ft.,

Hard prune in February, Group 3.

2 year old plant in 2 litre deep pot with big roots, ready to plant now.

We have National Collection of Viorna Group cultivars and species.

Integrifolia Group EMBER4 viewsThis herbaceous clematis grows to only 3 ft tall with good red bell shaped flowers followed by lovely seedheads.

Flowering from June to September and reliably hardy.

Prune hard in February.

2 year old plants in 2 litre deep pots ready to plant now.

We are National Collection Holders of Clematis Viticella, Viorna, and Texensis groups

clematis KIRILOVII3 viewsUnusual, scented, species from China,
Only grows to 5 ft or 6 ft,
Flowers June to September,

Seen here on a pergola pillar in our garden.

READY NOW, in 2 litre deep pot,

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