Hawthornes Catalogue

Hawthornes Catalogue

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KASMU423 viewsViticella Group

Velvety violet purple

Flowers July to September

Height 8 ft to 10 ft

£ 12 . 00
Texensis CORALIE416 viewsFirst time offered in UK
Masses of soft pink bells
Flowering June to September
Height about 7ft to 10 ft.
Container or open ground culture, against a wall or fence or through a shrub
PBR, propagation without licence is prohibited.

2 year old plants in 2 litre deep pots, ready to plant now.

BLUE ANGEL411 viewsLovely medium sized pale blue flowers with crinkly edges on this Late Large Flowered Group clematis raised in Poland.
Flowering July to September, height 10 ft to 12 ft., Hard prune in February ( Group 3 )
Plant for sale is 2 years old in 2 litre deep pot with excellent root system.
Blue Angel in the garden of good pal Helen Poirier in Canada, where the plant has been for 8 years.

TAMAKAZURA402 viewsSuperb Viorna Group cultivar

Lots and lots of pinky red bells,

Flowers July to September

Hard prune in February

In stock in 2 litre deep pots, ready to plant now,

Clematis x bonstedtii372 viewsVery rare and unusual shrubby, erect, clematis,
Believed to be a cross between 2 clematis species, c. heracleifolia and c.stans,
Lots of small, tubular pale blue flowers over leathery foliage,
Height only about 3 ft to 4 ft, Hardy.
Flowering July to September, hard prune in February ( Group 3 )
2 year old plant in 2 litre deep pot, ready to plant now,

IUBILEINYI- 70371 viewsLate Large Flowered Group

Large Violet Purple Flowers

Flowers July to October, masses of flowers,

Height 10 ft to 12 ft,

Stunning in the garden here.

£ 12 . 00
TRANQUILITY363 viewsSmall, scented, mauve-pink flowers

on this vigorous clematis.

Related to the x triternata rubro-marginata which is

world renowned for its scent.
This plant can reach 15 to 20 ft in height.
Flowers July to September / October.
Prune hard in Spring.

JOSIE'S MIDNIGHT BLUE361 viewsMasses of dark violet blue bells on this herbaceous clematis,
Height about 1.5 metres, flowering June to September,
Hard prune in February.
2 year old plant, in 2 litre deep pot, ready to plant.

Clematis DOCTOR MARY315 viewsVery rare Viorna Group clematis,

Violet blue with creamy white interior,
Height only about 3 ft,
Flowers July to September,.
Any aspect
Ready to plant, 2 year old plant, 2 litre pots

FAY309 viewsViticella Group,
Lots and lots of small pinky-red hanging bells,
Flowering July to September,
Height 6ft to 8ft,
Prune Group 3,
2 year old plant in 2 litre deep pot, ready to plant.

Clematis integrifolia BABY BLUE299 viewsThis plant grows to only about 40 cms.tall.
A stunning dwarf herbaceous clematis. Blue purple bell flowers on a sturdy plant , flowering June to September, ideal for front of the herbaceous border or a small pot, prune hard in February, can be propagated by division after a couple of years.

2 year old plants in 2 litre deep pots, ready to plant now.

Clematis SOCIALIS281 viewsVery rare species clematis from Alabama,
Height only about 2 to 3 ft.
Flowers in Summer,
Small, blue, bell flowers with yellow stamens.
2 litre deep pot ready to plant now.

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